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I had broken my foot and had four major surgeries in the last three years. All is well now. Post-surgeries, I had developed a facial rash near my temples and on a kneecap. My docs diagnosed it as psoriasis and prescribed ketoconazole cream 2%.

The keto cream worked initially to some degree, never 100% and the condition steadily worsened as it spread along my face. The keto cream was no longer effective. I was becoming self-conscious about my appearance. My concern was where will it spread and to what degree would it develop?

. . . I got a bottle of your CBD Facial Serum. Within two days, there was improvement. The scaly thick skin cleared up and became supple. After a week, my skin is almost back to normal. My first relief in years. Hope it continues.

Then I thought you might change the recipe. Just got to say, whatever it is whether the rosehip oil, type/strain of CBD, or a combination of all the ingredients, it is a great product that is effective. I bought a second bottle and will continue to do so as long as it works. Thank you for much needed relief. It is appreciated.

Eric | Dorothy, New Jersey | 09 06 2020


AMAZING PRODUCT!!! I used the Lavender CBD Body Lotion, which took the swelling and pain out of my joints and gave me great energy. A welcome surprise. The CBD products are grown and processed on site with no cancer-causing chemicals. Something that I am very picky about. They are formulated with high quality synergistic ingredients, which frankly I haven't come across before. Truly worth every bit of the very reasonable cost. I'm a lifelong customer now.

Dawn | Palisade, Colorado | 08 01 2020


Rejuvenating Rosehip CBD Facial Serum applied to my moist face at the end of a day in the sun is a soothing, nurturing experience. My skin feels soft and hydrated the next morning. I've also applied it to skin wounds and found it quite healing. The rosehip fragrance is lovely.

Cheri | Aurora, Colorado | 07.14.2020


I use SPECTRUM Citrus CBD Massage Oil on the fragile skin of my aging parents and it's amazing. With it, I'm able to give my parents a soothing, restorative massage treatment. It has become a mainstay in my Caregiving toolbox and I say this after 30 years as a massage therapist who has tried many, many products.

Cheri | Aurora, Colorado | 07.14.2020


I was always told how painful Shingles was. I never realized, however, the degree of pain people suffered until I developed my own case. I was in great pain, and a decent night’s sleep was impossible. Worst of all, they seemed to be spreading even though I was taking the doctor’s medication to help with that.

One week into this, I began to use Spectrum CBD Botanicals’s Healing Balm as well as their Pain Salve. The very first day I used the products, I could feel a noticeable reduction in the level of pain. I couldn’t believe it was working that quickly! Several days later I could see an improvement in the rash itself. I have continued to use the healing balm on the rash and the pain salve on the areas where the pain is the greatest, and now a week later I am no longer in any significant pain, and the rash is definitely improving. I was told this could continue up to eight weeks, but I can already tell with the healing improvement I am seeing it will be much quicker. I am so grateful for these products!!!

Jane | Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey | 05.07.20


My husband and I adopted our granddaughter, then 10 years old, in 2017. Her father, our son, passed away and her mother was/is addicted to meth and alcohol. Our granddaughters mother had custody of her the first 4 1⁄2 years of her life and suffered extreme mental and physical abuse as well as substantial neglect. Her father gained sole custody of our granddaughter and they moved to the Grand Valley in 2012 and lived with us.

Our granddaughter displayed high levels of anxiety and had horrible nightmares even when her father was alive but the nightmares increased in number and severity after his death. I tried to comfort her but nothing worked. She finally opened up to me and started sharing some of the forms of neglect and abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother. Let me tell you, the stories were brutal!

I contacted some people I trusted looking for a counselor that would try to help our granddaughter without turning her into a victimand letting her use her past as an excuse to be on a pity-party all her life. Fortunately, I found an outstanding counselor and our granddaughter learned to trust the counselor after a few visits. Our granddaughter was diagnosed with PTSD.

I didnt want to take her to a doctor that would put our granddaughter on a prescription drug for the PTSD so I did extensive research on CBD oil and decided to give it a try for our granddaughter. I also called Brian Olesen @ Plum Daisy and visited with him in length about the potential positive effects the CBD Oil could produce for our granddaughter. After the informative and sincere conversation with Brian I decided to give it a try, 1000mg bottle. Our granddaughter started off taking .5 mL every evening @ 7:30 starting July 13, 2019 and I have since increased the dosage to 1mL at approximately 7:30pm every evening.

The results have been absolutely AMAZING!! It took a couple weeks for the CBD Oil to kick in full force but there was noticeable improvement after a few days. She was still having nightmares but she wasnt waking up crying or yelling and she told me she wasnt having as many nightmares. Getting more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night definitely improved her attitude and how she saw things that happened around her.

I knew that once school started the telltale evidence would emerge. Our granddaughters attitude was greatly improved and most of the negativity was gone. Her grades improved immensely and her friends and teachers mentioned to her and me that she seemed like a whole new person. Our granddaughter plays multiple sports and she enjoyed them more and had a much higher attention level when it came to learning and executing the required skills.

A huge THANK YOU to Brian Olesen and the crew at Western Colorado Hemp Extractors!! Our granddaughter’s health and well-being is greatly improved thanks to the Spectrum CBD Botanicals Tincture. Even our dog thanks you! Our granddaughter tried so hard to get him to jump up in her lap but he would have nothing to do with that idea. After a couple months on the CBD Oil, our granddaughter patted her lap and said upand the dog jumped up into her lap, let out a big sigh and laid there for quite a while with our granddaughter petting him the whole time. To me, that spoke volumes as to how much her anxiety level had/has decreased

Grandmother of child with PTSD | Palisade, Colorado | 2.03.2020


I have been using Spectrum Natural CBD Pain Salve since the end of August, 2019. In the morning, I apply the salve to my left leg/hip area and my mid to lower spine. Stiffness and tight muscles on my hip after having hip replacement have been relieved from daily use. Arthritis in my spine causes pain down my right hip and outer leg. Daily use of the salve on my spine definitely relieves the pain. If I skip a day or two, I notice the pain returning.

Linda | Aurora, Colorado | 12.16.19


The Full Spectrum CBD tincture has made significant, positive changes for me and for friends I have shared it with. I have various aches and pains from years of athletic endeavors like running, Ironman, cycling, skiing, etc., and this CBD oil has absolutely made a difference. My knees and hips have felt mild to moderately arthritic for 10 years and my go to was Ibuprofen – which worked well, but I didn’t feel that long-term use was good for me. When I started using the Full Spectrum CBD, I didn’t notice the changes immediately or drastically, but over time I realized that I wasn’t as stiff when I woke up and didn’t notice my knees and hips aching like they used to. I stopped taking much Ibuprofen, since I don’t need to. 

Being the scientifically trained veterinarian that I am, I stopped using the CBD to see how I felt and there was no doubt that my stiffness and aches returned. One benefit that I didn’t anticipate was the quality and depth of my sleep. I’ve always been good at sleeping – insomnia is rare for me, thankfully. However, I notice that I seem even more rested and sleep much deeper while I use CBD. It doesn’t make me tired, I just simply sleep even better.

I’m certain Full Spectrum CBD has made positive changes to the quality of my life, and I plan to continue to use it daily. I recommend it to as many people as I can because I know this brand is made with expertise and purity, and it works.

Darby, DVM | Olympia, ,Washington | 12.09.19


"CBD oil has been life changing for this very intelligent, sweet, witty, and very caring 11-year-old boy."

Garrett’s Mother

  • ADHD Diagnosis
  • Struggling with focus in and out of school
  • Lack of self-motivation
  • Struggled with impulse control
  • Depressed mood and marked sadness
  • Easily frustrated
  • Crying spells

"Garrett struggled with focus to complete work and stay on task at school and to sit still. We received frequent emails from school regarding his lack of focus, disruptive behavior in class, and him becoming easily frustrated by simple tasks. He lacked self-motivation to start work and complete work. He had a very depressed mood and had frequent crying spells; he was a very sad kid. He was easily frustrated during simple conversations and certain situations. All a weekly or daily occurrence.

"As a parent and medical professional, prescription medications just were not an option. The fact that he is only 11-years-old and his brain is still growing, the side effects, and the inevitable medication trials and dosage changes were enough to make me search for another option. I decided to research CBD oil and didn’t find much information regarding it and ADHD. Regardless of the lack of information, CBD oil was the most natural, non-pharmaceutical option and definitely worth a try.

"Within three weeks of being on CBD, we stated to notice a change in Garrett. The first huge change was his mood. He was a happy kid. He was smiling. This sounds so simple, but it was everything at this point. If nothing else changed, I was completely happy with the results and continued using the oil. As weeks went on, we continued to see changes . . .  he was more focused in school and at home, he was showing self-motivation when it came to completing school work and homework, his impulse control was showing some improvement, his crying spells completely stopped, and his ability to stay calm and not become frustrated improved. The emails from school regarding disruptive behavior became fewer and fewer.

"In my opinion, CBD oil has been life changing for this very intelligent, sweet, witty, and very caring 11-year-old boy. Aside from the CBD oil, we continue to support him with a 504 plan in school as well as behavioral therapy."

Garrett's Mother | Colorado, 12.03.19


I order the full spectrum CBD tincture and have it shipped to my Florida residence. I prefer the peppermint flavor. I started using the product when I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), an autoimmune disorder that causes severe inflammation. I was put on 20 mg of prednisone (which eliminated most of the pain) and have been weaning down to 4 mg currently. I supplement this with a large dose of the full spectrum CBD oil and have not had a recurrence of pain. Prior to my initial order, I spoke with a Dr. whose wife had kidney issues due to a previous cancer. He did a due diligence on the quality of the oil before I ordered it. Judith is a pleasure to work with. My cost for the product is about half of what it costs in Florida.

Stephan | Florida | 11.19.19