Apple Pie CBD Jam – 260 mg


Each jar contains 260 mg of THC-free, CO2 extracted CBD that is produced from hemp grown on our Palisade, Colorado, farms!

The flavor of a truly tasty apple is a magical blend of tartness and sweetness that awakens the senses. Capturing the aromatic flavors of the apple pies that grandmothers used to make, Spectrum CBD Botanical Apple Pie Jam is full of chunky bits of crisp, fresh apples picked at the peak of ripeness. Fragrant cinnamon and clove enhance this healthy jam.




Before becoming hemp farmers, CBD extractors, and CBD refiners, we were fruit farmers and jam makers. Over the years, our jams have won international awards, not because we are great chefs but because of what goes into the jams. Our “secret” to making jam is in the amount and quality of fruit that goes into every jar. The jams are made in small batches without artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. Because the sun-ripened fruit has been allowed to develop its full flavor naturally, the jams need minimal added sweetener. The ingredients and our careful process result in jams that are incredibly flavorful, brimming with nutritious, whole fruit goodness. They are as healthy as they are pleasurable to eat!

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