The skin or epidermis is the human body’s largest and most vulnerable organ. It serves as our natural barrier to the outside world, protecting us against UV radiation, chemicals in our food, bacteria and other germs, and environmental pollution. All the internal and external factors that stress our bodies daily show up on our skin in the form of infections, inflammation, puffiness, sensitivities, and aging.

Our skin deserves all the support we can give it, and our line of topical skincare products provides just the TLC your skin deserves. Our Lavender CBD Body Lotion is a nourishing drink for dry thirsty skin. It combines full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) with Aloe Vera Juice, nourishing botanical carrier oils, and powerful essential oils to deliver outstanding healing and moisture to skin of all types. Our Citrus CBD Massage Oil incorporates more than a dozen healing and comforting ingredients in addition to a potent 100 milligrams of full spectrum CBD per ounce and the terpenes that are found naturally within the hemp plant. Containing no water, our Rejuvenating Rosehip Facial Serum is infused with a rich and potent blend of half a dozen botanical carrier oils and seven luxurious, luscious essential oils. This antioxidant rich combination of ingredients nourishes and rejuvenates the part of your body that needs it most — your face!


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